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Manage Every Aspect of Healthcare Payments for All Your Clients in One Place

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InstaMed Seamlessly Simplifies the Billing Service Workflow

  • Streamline the entire healthcare payments process for all clients in one place
  • Increase all patient collections with a full suite of solutions to accept omnichannel payment options, including online, mobile and bank bill pay
  • Join InstaMed, healthcare's most trusted payments network to meet the unique needs of your organization – serving more than 500+ billing services nationwide

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Maintain a Competitive Edge with Healthcare Payments

How It Works

Automate Posting Across All Clients in One Place

Manage all clients with a single login from our web-based portal, InstaMed Online

  • Streamline your processes with automated posting directly in your existing system
  • Role-based security allows your clients compliant access to their transaction data

Securely collect more with a full suite of payment solutions and automatic posting

  • Payment Plans: automate the collection of recurring patient payment responsibility
  • Auto Payment CollectTM: automatically collect the payment as soon as patient responsibility is determined
  • Patient Portal: allow patients to make online payments 24/7 from any device with a free online portal
  • Healthcare Bill Payments: enable patients to pay from their health plan's website or a patient portal and receive patient payments directly deposited into your clients' bank accounts

Leverage healthcare's most trusted payments network to ensure you offer clients a secure and compliant payment experience

  • Reduce your risk of a data breach with enterprise-level security and advanced payment technology, including point-to-point encryption
  • Compliant, independently certified and audited at the highest levels for both healthcare and payment processing

How Is Increasing Patient Responsibility Impacting Your Clients?

Download your free copy of our report Trends in Healthcare Payments Eighth Annual Report: 2017 to read about the latest trends that are changing healthcare payments. Plus, gain key insights on what the trends mean for the future of healthcare payments, including the impact of increasing patient responsibility and why security must be top of mind.

Increase in the Total Volume of Consumer Payments to Providers

From 2014 to 2017, the total volume of consumer payments to providers on the InstaMed Network increased by 69%, growing 19% on average each year.

Significant Delays to Collect From Patients

73% of providers reported that it takes one month or longer to collect from a patient.

Payment Security Is on the Minds of Providers

96% of providers rank payment security as important when collecting patient payments.


Webinar: Improving Patient Engagement in the Payment Process

In this webinar, learn how to manage every aspect of healthcare payments all in one place. In this webinar, Katie Buzard from Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP) will explain how HAP leverages technology and best practices to improve patient collections for their clients. Additionally, learn some key insights of trends in healthcare for providers, payers and consumers!

This webinar has already occurred. View the recording.

Customer Success

"We realized that patient confusion was the biggest hurdle to collecting patient payment responsibility. By leveraging InstaMed and implementing a new billing process, we've been able to eliminate confusion and better communicate responsibility with patients."

– Bill Chae, Patient Operations Manager, Obility

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"The enhanced statement design gives the patients a clearer picture of what services were rendered and what insurance payment and adjustments were applied to the overall cost of the service."

– Katie Buzard, Call Center Manager, Healthcare Administrative Partners

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"We realized we needed to offer more payment options on behalf of our clients so we could make it as easy as possvile for patients to pay,. With InstaMed, not only are we seeing a significant increase in online patient payment volume, but we've also streamlined our processes on the back-end and achieved PCI compliance."

– Karen Lee Owner, Ponderosa Medical Billing Service

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