Cerner and InstaMed

Coming Soon! Real-Time Integration

Coming Soon! Cerner Millennium® and InstaMed

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Cerner to deliver integrated solutions that promote speed, visibility and the security your staff needs to collect more payments efficiently.

Take advantage of this integration to deliver patients an omnichannel payment experience across all family members and balances that simplifies the complex process of collecting healthcare payments.

With InstaMed’s integration for Cerner Millennium® you can:

  • Improve efficiency with real-time payment posting for front office, back office and online payments

  • Consolidate vendor relationships to one vendor for omnichannel payments

  • Deliver a simple, consolidated bill across all entities, including non-Cerner entities

  • Automatically collect balances and reduce paper statements

As an early adopter, you’ll get first-access to this new, upcoming integration and the opportunity to give valuable feedback to help ensure our solutions to meet your needs. Fill out the form to the right to start the conversation and get involved from the beginning. 

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Healthcare Bills Don’t Have to be Confusing

Reduce the confusion of healthcare bills by delivering a convenient, easy-to-understand statement to your patients. The simple, clean design of InstaMed’s enhanced statements helps patients understand what they owe.

Include the URL to your Patient Portal to drive patients to pay online where they can:

  • Enroll in eStatements
  • Manage a digital wallet
  • Sign up for automatic payments

You get paid faster, drive online payments and eStatement adoption and ultimately reduce paper and postage costs – all while delivering a patient-friendly payment experience.

Plus, with InstaMed One Bill, you can deliver a simple, consolidated bill that lets patients and guarantors manage and pay healthcare bills for services across an organization and across family members.

Be Where Your Patients Already Are

With InstaMed, you can let patients pay you through the payment channels they already prefer, like an online Patient Portal, mobile payments and bank bill pay. Make traditional payment channels available and convenient with consumer-friendly point-of-sale devices, IVR and walk-in bill pay. Track all payments in one place with InstaMed Online and post directly into Cerner Millenium in real-time.

Learn more about InstaMed Patient Payments.

Plus, collect from any patient, anywhere. InstaMed Healthcare Bill Payments lets consumers pay any provider at Start collecting payments today without any effort.

Let Patients Pay How They Want

Accept all payment methods, including credit and debit cards, health savings accounts and cards, check, eCheck, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Give patients control over their healthcare bills with a secure digital wallet that lets patients store payment methods and set preferences for automated payments and payment plans.

Protect Payments and Reduce PCI DSS Scope

At InstaMed, nothing is more important than protecting payment data. Our solutions support tokenization and PCI-Validated P2PE to remove credit card data from healthcare organization environments and keep payments secure.

The InstaMed Difference

InstaMed is a combined gateway and payment processor.

InstaMed is fully accountable for all payments from swipe to settlement. Eliminate the hassle and costs of dealing with multiple vendors and rest easy that if you ever need support, you have one dedicated revenue cycle partner.


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