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Ponderosa Medical Billing Service


Ponderosa Medical Billing Service is a billing service based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Growing patient payment responsibility challenged Ponderosa to find new ways to collect payments on behalf of their clients. Ponderosa identified the biggest challenge to collections was that fewer patients were using checks to pay their healthcare bills. Read more.

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Ponderosa Medical Billing Service needed a way to process credit card payments, but their provider clients did not want to set up credit card accounts because they thought the fees were too expensive. Ponderosa realized that in order to process credit card payments and enable more payment options for patients, they were going to have to educate and engage their provider clients in the process. 

Without a simple way for providers to accept credit card payments, Ponderosa used their previous payment vendor to aggregate payments on behalf of their providers. This was a manual, inefficient and non-compliant way to handle patient payments. To reconcile payments, Ponderosa would download a report from their payment vendor each week and load the transactions into their accounting system. This process was very time-consuming and made it difficult for the billing service to show transparency to each individual provider. 

Ponderosa chose to partner with InstaMed to improve the billing and payments process. InstaMed enabled Ponderosa to open up more payment channels to patients, streamline the posting and reconciliation process for staff and process credit card payments compliantly.

Expanded Payment Options for Patients
Patients now have multiple convenient options to pay their healthcare bills. Patients can go online to make payments through the new Patient Portal that Ponderosa offers on behalf of their clients. Here, patients can easily make payments, store preferred payment methods in a secure digital wallet, enroll for eStatements and automatic payments, and view payment history. Patients can also opt to make payments from their bank’s bill pay website or through with Healthcare Bill Payments.

These options give patients more flexibility to pay their healthcare bills the way they want, which helped Ponderosa achieve their goal of delivering new payment channels to patients who did not want to mail in a check.

Streamlined Workflows for Ponderosa Staff
Ponderosa’s processes on the back-end are now more efficient and compliant. Even though Ponderosa offers multiple payment channels on behalf of their clients, all of those payments post in on place in InstaMed Online. This makes it much easier for the staff at Ponderosa to reconcile payments, run reports, process refunds, access payment history and receipts and more.

Additionally, InstaMed is a PCI Level One Service Provider, and certified and audited at the highest levels for healthcare and payments, so Ponderosa’s entire payments process is secure and compliant.


Ponderosa Medical Billing Service saw an 80% increase in online payments with InstaMed.

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