Prioritizing Premiums to Streamline the Payment Experience for Members

A Critical Touchpoint With Members and Employer Groups

Health First Health Plans wanted to change the premium experience for their members. Previously, members had to use manual and paper-based options to pay their monthly balance. This would lead to missed or late payments for Health First, but more importantly, it was a hassle for members.  Health First made the strategic decision to prioritize the payment experience and offer a streamlined payment experience for members directly in their member portal with the InstaMed Premiums Payments solution. In his presentation for the InstaMed User Conference 2018, Health First Vice President of Operations, Russ Bradley discusses how their organization did just that and the resulting success metrics.


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Increase Your Premium Payment Collections

Think for a minute – how do you pay your recurring bills? If you’re like most, the chances are you’re not paying your electric bill or Netflix subscription with a paper check every month. There’s no reason that payments for premiums can’t be just as easy. The InstaMed Premium Payments solution delivers the frictionless, omnichannel payment experience that members demand. 

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