InstaMed Insight

Drive Better Business Decisions

Measure the ROI of
Your Healthcare IT Investments

Healthcare financial teams are tasked with increasing revenue and driving down costs. You put tremendous effort into developing initiatives at your organization to achieve these goals. How can you ensure that they are working? How can you know when it’s time to pivot?

InstaMed Insight makes it easy to track and analyze your key performance indicators for payment, patient experience and revenue-cycle management, delivering actionable insights that show the returns garnered from your healthcare IT investment.

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Insight delivers
healthcare financial teams:

  • Increased visibility into payment and statement data
  • Easy-to-consume progress reports tracking business-critical KPIs
  • Performance metrics across locations, employees and channels for comparison
  • Clarity into allocation of resources to track trends and growth

Track Digital Initiatives That Drive Revenue

How is your eStatement adoption initiative performing?

How many patients are enrolled in automatic payments?

These two questions directly translate to revenue and ROI for your investment. Measure how your patients are making their payments, and with that visibility, determine next steps to increase automatic payment adoption and other patient billing initiatives.

Build Out Custom
Reports With Explore

Track KPIs to analyze your return on investment.

Explore helps you know you’ve made the right investment because you’re seeing the return in real-time.

Payment Dashboard

The Payment Dashboard offers a snapshot of your most recent payment activity.

KPIs like Gross Sales, Refunds/Chargebacks/Returns, Payment Channels and more deliver clarity of recent transaction history. In addition, you can change the timeframe of the dashboard, add a filter, and review payment trends by volume or count.