Streamline Your Workflow and Increase Payments with Kareo and InstaMed

InstaMed Automates Payment Posting Into Kareo

Get Paid More and Reduce Costs

Guarantee Revenue by Automating Payments!


  • Guarantee payments without statements or follow-up calls by securely saving a payment method on file for Auto Payment Collect™ and Payment Plans
  • Streamline your healthcare payments process in one place with real-time payment posting directly in Kareo
  • Increase all of your patient collections with a full suite of solutions to accept every payment option, including online, mobile and bank bill pay

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How Our Integration Works

Real-Time Posting of Payment Transactions


  • Work in Kareo with single sign-on (SSO) integration, including:
    • Collect at point-of-service locations and post in real-time to Kareo
    • Automatically post payments in Kareo, including online payments
    • Real-time reporting on patient payments
  • Collect more with a full suite of payment solutions
    • Payment Plans: automate the collection of recurring patient payment responsibility
    • Auto Payment Collect: automatically collect the payment as soon as patient responsibility is determined
    • Patient Portal: allow patients to pay you online 24/7 from any device with a free online portal
    • Member Payments: enable patients to pay you from their health plan’s website and receive patient payments directly deposited into your bank accounts
  • Leverage healthcare’s most trusted payments network in your current workflows
    • Compliant, independently certified and audited at the highest levels for both healthcare and payment processing, including:
      • Only fully encrypted EMV-ready solution
      • Certified for PCI Level One v3.0+

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